The Whispering Cottage

Come join us for an overnight paranormal investigation inside the Whispering Cottage, a paranormal research center located in the historic district of Mineral Wells.

Included in your ticket price is:

Ghost hunting 101 class

Full use of our teams paranormal equipment

Full blown paranormal investigation

Snacks & Drinks

Tickets to our overnight paranormal investigations at the Whispering Cottage are $40 each.

We also offer shorter investigation and simple walk through tours of cottage.

An investigation from 9pm to midnight is $25.

A walk through tour lasting 1 hour is $10.

To book your spot please call 682-222-2675

The Whispering Cottage is also available to rented out for the entire by paranormal teams, or individuals wishing to conduct a paranormal investigation on their own, or to have parties at. 

For more information on a private rental please email [email protected] or call 682-222-2675.

Please visit the Whispering Cottage facebook page at