The Screaming Bridge  & Hells Gate Tour/Investigation

The Screaming Bridge & Hells Gate Ghost Tour & Investigation

Join us for a hike in woods late into the evening as we visit two haunted locations in River Legacy Park. The tour/investigation will last 3 hours and costs $20 a person. This is a family friendly event so we welcome all ages, however, please be aware that this involves hiking through the woods and brush.

A smattering of history & legends:

The Screaming Bridge at River Legacy Park – Legend goes that one night a car full of kids were driving too fast coming up to the bridge, and hit an oncoming car. Both cars caught on fire and crashed into the river, killing everyone involved. The road and bridge have since been closed and can now only be accessed by walking through the park, which most people try at night. But, they say the dates and names of those who died can be seen glowing in the river late at night. People have also witnessed lights on the bridge, as well as mystic fog and strange feelings, not to mention screams can be heard emanating from bridge.

Hell’s Gate at River Legacy Park – There is a trail at River Legacy that leads up to two old fence posts. It is said that the gate which used to stand there was the last thing captured Union soldiers saw before being hanged during the Civil War. Some say you can hear the sobs of those soldiers as you approach Hell’s Gate. Other say you see a redheaded man in a confederate uniform standing guard there. Like the screaming bridge, people feel quite uneasy while visiting this spot and have felt the sensation of someone watching them, weird sounds and sometimes voices. Once again, this phenomenon is said to be better when visiting Hell’s Gate at night.

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River Legacy Park Hells Gate & The Screaming Bridge