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Come discover the ghosts of Texas!

Dare you dance with ghosts in what remains of a glass ballroom? Will you summon up the courage to walk through pitch black hallways and corridors of a once opulent hotel now sitting in ruins? How about being brave enough to stroll through the woods late a night when the ghosts of union solider spies are still seen, or visiting an old bridge where the screams from the dead are still rumored to heard? How about exploring an old ghost town where the dead outnumber the living? Or, spending the night in hotel that was once a bordello in an area of Texas known as hells half acre!

Test your moxie on one of our bone chilling tours!

Or, how would you like to throw a party at a haunted location where you and your closest friends spend the entire evening in search of ghosts, with a full arsenal of ghost hunting equipment at your disposal? If that sounds like something you would love to do then click on the host a party button on the navigation bar above to learn more!


We offer both public and private ghost tours and overnight paranormal investigations open to the public.


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